Skytop IV Red – 8 Months On

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So I’ve had my red Skytop 4′s for 8 months now, and I think they have now (finally) grown on me. At first I was a little more than unimpressed at the quality of the manufacture, especially for the price of them – the most expensive shoes I ever bought.; and yes they were direct from supra so they are not some dodgy badly made rip-offs, I still think supra have gone way down hill; there a slightly cheap air about the details and finish of these shoes, something that I don’t see in my first pair skytop IIs. But yeah, more than half a year on and I’m really starting to dig these boys.


skytop 4 red


skytop 4 red skytop 4 red skytop 4 red skytop 4 red skytop 4 red skytop 4 red skytop 4 red skytop 4 red skytop 4 red

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Nike Vandal Hi

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A classic from the Nike back-catalogue here, pops up now and then as a retro or brand-x. Hi/mid cut silhouette (despite the name) and that all too distinctive (and removable) ankle strap. Often mixed up with the AF1, but this shoe is much less chunky looking and lacks the air sole that is such a feature of the air force 1 shoe.


nike vandal hi nike vandal hi nike vandal hi

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Osiris NYC 83 Marshmallow Man – Ghostbusters

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What’s not to to like?! Marshmallow man’s face insole and ‘fat’ details on the toe and sides, plus all the usual nyc 83 / bronx styling.

Osiris NYC 83 Ghostbusters

Osiris NYC 83 Ghostbusters  Osiris NYC 83 Ghostbusters


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Nike Quantum Force Hi

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These shoes rock so hard; well used and 23 years old but they still make wicked everyday beaters, not many shoes last so long without cracking apart, crumbling or turning to gummy goo. awesomeness nike!

1990 nike quantum force

1990 nike quantum force

nike quantum force hi - white, release 1990

nike quantum force hi – white, release 1990

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